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Josh has always enjoyed working outdoors, and he’s spent most of his adult life working in landscaping and construction. In addition to teaching himself farming/homesteading, Josh is now learning to hunt. He is also a weapons enthusiast and sells knives and swords. He loves martial arts, motorcycles, survivalism, movies, crafts, and cooking.

Amanda is a writer, birth doula, and Medicine Reiki Master. She also worked as a chaplain and Sunday school teacher before moving to MO. She’s now training as a Missouri Master Naturalist and is enjoying learning about her new home state. She’s an enthusiastic supporter of attachment parenting, home/unschooling, women’s health, and informed childbirth. After organizingĀ NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) meetings in November 2011, she is currently forming a writers group for Reynolds County and the surrounding area.

Eden, the oldest of three girls, is a humongous cat fan. She loves all animals, but cats and tigers have a special place in her heart. She hopes to one day own a cat rescue center. She also loves writing, making comics, science and math, dancing, hunting, zombies, and Calvin & Hobbes.

Ivy is a brand new big sister, and she had really taken to her new role. She is an excellent helper with her little sister, and she’s always eager to lend a helping hand in any farm or housework. She’s extremely organized and always has a smile. She enjoys dancing, hunting, cats, fairies, and Littlest Pet Shop.

Maya is an adult trapped in a baby’s body. She’s very expressive and already knows lots of words and several signs. She’s getting around very well now, and she’s trying incredibly hard to walk. She loves riding in her hiking backpack, taking care of the farm animals, chewing on rubber things, swimming in the kiddie pool, and knocking over furniture.

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